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Featured Fighter

OP A fast interview with our friend and one of our favorite UFC fighters: Mark “The Wrecking Ball” Munoz.


About Us

Founded in 2005 by Sam Hon, Honfoto is a company that not only creates one of a kind images and campaigns but builds strong relationships with each collaborative partner. Honfoto, a comprehensive “one stop shop” for all media related projects ranging from small projects as creative photography and advertising layouts to much larger projects including full ad campaigns to web site layout and design. Sam Hon enjoys working with a myriad of projects and diverse clients. Sam doesn’t just focus on the talent in front on the camera, but he has assembled a very talented team behind the camera to assist him with marketing, styling, branding and more… The Honfoto team looks forward to working with you and providing you with a very personable, one of a kind experience.

Honfoto Team
Mission Statement

Honfoto is a full service photography and comprehensive media company. Our mission has always been to build a relationship first and foremost based on trust and the “spirit of excellence”. It has been Honfoto’s experience that the best work comes out of the best relationships. Sam’s personable approach and style combined with him getting that perfect shot has served him well in all of his projects. This approach is not only demonstrated by Sam but by the whole Honfoto team.

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